Divineshree Bhimseni camphor is made up of fine quality material that leaves no residue or ash and ensures long lasting fragrance . The fragrance of camphor helps create a spiritual atmosphere. It creates positive aura around us . The fumes possess the power that redefines your surroundings by releasing healing energies .  These healing energies uproot any negative energies present in your home and bring in more positivity .

As per vastu , using camphor can cleanse the bad energy around us and bring healing and positive energies . Our Astro experts suggested placing camphor in a diffuser for best results.

Bhimseni camphor is widely used for pooja . It has medicinal uses as well . Camphor is mainly present in many cosmetic products such as creams , ointments and lotions for soothing effect.

For the highest quality of Bhimseni camphor , look no further than Divineshree Fragrance.



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