As the smoke rises to the sky, it represents that the requests have arrived at the destination and will get approval from the divine entities.

About Divine Shree

Divineshree (DFS) Fragrance-Leading Aroma Products Suppliers.

DFS as a brand known globally and domestically as leading suppliers of aroma products. We are exporting majorly to Middle East and African countries. We understand our customer choice and expectations and we as a brand understand the energies and vibrations of positivity.

Founded in the year 2017, based out of India, Delhi. Our premium flagship of product is known as “DivineShree Fragnance” and being the most loved by its customers.

We are known for the best aroma product suppliers in India since 2017. And we happily continued the popularity of our brand name by being one of the top sellers of Aroma products with wide range like oils, diffusers, soaps, puja saamigri, candles, attars etc.

We have our vision clear to be among the top most suppliers of aroma products, domestically as well as internationally. By keeping in mind about today’s competitions we have kept the best economical price range and maintain the best premium quality of product by covering all safety compliances to reach the maximum range of our customers..


At Divineshree we believe in following an extremely customer-centric approach. Everything we do, whether its procuring raw materials, developing a new incense for cleansing or simply crafting a fragnance with the choicest aromatherapy oils, our customers needs are at the heart of it all.

A brand dedicated to the demands of its customers is what we are known for and aim to be defined by it always. With an unending urge to provide our customers with the best possible experience, we serve them with unique and innovative product ranges in the world of fragrances that are aligned with their needs and that help them explore scents through a creative lens. We intend to keep transforming the space that inspires wellness, serenity, spirituality and peace.


Being pioneers in the fragnance industry, we understand precisely what it takes to deliver premium quality products. The spirit of creating state-of-the-art products has led us to being known as one of the best incense manufacturing companies in India and across the world.


We put in great effort to understand and meet our customer demands by curating fragnances and delivering authentic products while abiding by the highest standards of quality.

Why Choose us

Being a pioneer in incense stick manufacturing, Divine Shree Incense Sticks has been producing high-quality sticks with 100% natural ingredients and fragnances. Employing our manufacturing expertise, we have mastered the art of developing, producing and distributing a unique range of fragnant incense sticks that are known for a distinct and spiritual aroma and tamper-proof packaging. Apart from these attributes, our incense sticks are known for: